12 Reasons why the Best Things in Life have finally become Free

Most well educated, creative, industrious individuals of modest means cannot accumulate sufficient wealth, in less than a year, so they can become “set for life”.

Up until the year 2012 the above statement was unquestionably true. A very recent turn of events, however, has changed that belief. Never in the commonly known history of the world have we had such a convergence of factors that may enable humanity’s ascension to new levels of abundance and wellbeing.

Thus far, concealed alternative options are waiting for implementation. Groups bridging the gap between the old and the new, are ripping the benefits of pioneering the introduction to such revolutionary changes that are reshaping the economies of the New Millennium.

The alternative systems, software and other technologies are already available waiting for introduction to numerous niche or local markets.

We have classified them into 12 broad areas:

1.  The cost of International Advertising has been reduced to pennies since 2010 when it used to cost thousands of dollars

Engagement based niche and Local Marketing empowers productive individuals and favors their collective micro-activities thus escaping from the stifling control of a status quo that is ruled by multinational conglomerates.

2.  The Business Cost of calling or sending messages, audio and video files anywhere in the world is now virtually free.

Our Perfect and Instantaneous Communication Systems used to cost thousands of dollars a few years back.  These costs had made it impossible for a small business with limited capital to expand internationally.

3. Freely available scientific developments are offering self-managed, thought based regiments for the achievement of Super Performance, total Health and Longevity

Such opportunities were reserved for millionaires but even they weren’t aware of epigenetics to help them escape from the limitations of our inherited subconscious programming and genes.

4. Financial systems that stimulate abundance for productive groups of collaborators.

Peer to Peer technologies, self-enforcing smart contracts and digital reviews maintain high levels of Trust and provide more efficient payment processing, delivery of products or services and a smoother flow of resources.

5. Resolve conflict and eliminate tedious work

Open Source development platforms for software, hardware, robotics and structures to resolve conflict and eliminate tedious work. Co-op ownership of such efficiencies will yield much needed free time to take care of our body, devote time to our friends, family, pets and so on.  We will also engage in arts and hobbies, cultivate our talents and evolve to new levels of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development.

6. On Demand Education is now Free for the taking

Education Channels without dogma, hidden knowledge and propaganda can give you the skills that you need to improve your life, get rid of your problems get a job or create your own business.

7. We now have Nearly Free Energy that — once it is allowed to trickle down to most of us — will cut the costs of everything by more than 50%

Since Tesla’s invention of wireless free electricity, we’ve seen the development of very inexpensive solar power, wind, maritime, cold fusion and other exotic energy sources that have remained hidden for over 80 years.  This old wisdom is now surfacing and is being put into good use by engineers working to create a cleaner and brighter future for humanity.

8. Anybody can become a Star starting today

Entertainment that invites laughter, wisdom and provokes positive emotions that cultivate and elevate rather than inject fear and idolize heroes who stimulate base instincts that are binding us to our lower nature. If you don’t even have a smart phone, borrow one for an hour, make a video, upload it on YouTube and you’ll be right there on the screen where billions of people could see you express your talent – or laugh at you for having no talent.

9. Eliminate Crime with high Tech Surveillance, Prevention and Rehabilitation systems

The same Security systems, technologies and tools that are currently used by the bureaucracies of our self-appointed masters can also be applied with the intent to protect and empower rather than to suppress and dominate.

10. Transparency based Political control systems will Reinstate our Right to Maintain Healthy Governance

The development of platforms to “Watch that the Watchers” are serving the citizens will eliminate black budgets, wars and hidden agendas. Such transparency enabled systems will eliminate fear mongering and the cultivation of hatred among peaceful citizens of different cultures and nations.  Citizens will no longer be forced into submission by their Nanny states that are offering them false protection.

11.  Many individuals are coming to the experiential realization that helping others is the key to success and happiness.

Charity and Self-sacrifice gives meaning to our life and ascends our essence into blissful states.  In contrast, greed and hoarding result in a stressful life of emptiness, fear, worry, all-consuming disease and everlasting conflict.

12.  Quantum physicists  have provided indisputable scientific proof that we are interconnected on physical and non-physical levels

This discovery has led many individuals to an intuitive awareness of Spirituality.  This awareness can be felt on a deeper level thus influencing us to act with altruism and become noble stewards of our environment.  We no longer need lethal weapons or violent revolutions.  According to New York Times the post Millennials of Generation “Z” were born already connected and ready to take charge of their future.

The video was made by an 11-year-old Generation “Z” Greek girl who was born in Canada.  During 2010, when she produced this video, she was living in a Panama farm.  She gives a description of the future as it is perceived by GEN “Z” that in 2017 is coming into adulthood.

Using nothing more than a smart phone, GEN “Z” can access game changing technologies that empower productive groups of collaborators to achieve what has traditionally been considered impossible.  Many such groups are becoming “Too Big to Fail” in an incredibly short period of time.

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