4 Old Success Principles
when Applied under New Circumstances
will Create Immediate Abundance

As we are entering into the New Age of Aquarius, concealed technologies are being revealed and placed at the disposal of a millennial generation that was born with an upgraded DNA Structure.  Abundance and economic output will grow at exponential rates and humanity will reach unimaginable levels of success. 

Competition could become fierce since we now have near perfect communications and easy transportation options to and from anywhere in the world.  In economic systems where the “Winner takes All”, it is expected that only few will be be permitted to share the abundance.  We now have scientific proof that we are all interconnected and it easy to recognize that our happiness, peace and harmony depend on helping others.  Therefore, it is vital for a healthy community to motivate, empower and prepare as many willing individuals as possible to enter into the Winners’ circle and share the Abundance.

The same 4 Basic Business Principles for Financial success have remained unchanged

High Sales
Low Expenses 
Outstanding Quality
Trustworthy Management

The EasyYES Network Collaborates with the Members’
Marketing to Maximize Sales and with their
Administration to Minimize Expenses

Our Admission Scouts are discovering and recruiting the best suppliers of Outstanding Quality Goods and Services who have the potential to collaborate and become Partners.

To complete the Loop of Success, our Trustworthy Business Developers are assisting the EasyYES with management decisions and processes to ensure the Consistent Growth of our community and the well being of all its Members and Users.  Top local Partners from all jurisdictions, will ascend to positions of International Council Masters and partake in the activities of the International EasyYES Council that offers R&D for the growth of all local Partners and their communities.

Very few can become “The BEST” in their category.  In the EasyYES Network, the BEST are selected to become our Partners and establish their businesses as the market leaders in their niche. 


We are solving the unemployment problem and are transforming our communities into United States of Abundance by leading every willing participant into becoming their own boss.  Bosses become free from the slavery of working with the singular objective to be paying bills while keeping silent to avoid the wrath of the Religious, Social, Political and Financial Ruling Elites.

Member Invitations are based on Potential
Partners are selected on the basis of their own Achievements
Council Masters are devoted to sharing their Skills, Experience and Wisdom
The Benefits of the EasyYES Network are FREE to ALL Users and Registered Users
who don’t have time to get involved but would like to make occasional reviews and receive special offers

During 2017, our Sales Growth Membership focuses on 5 Areas:

Entertainment, Events & Education
Transportation, Trade & Finance
Healthcare, Beauty & Fitness
Travel & Accommodation
Food & Nutrition