How to join Offshore Affiliates to Make Money on Line, pay a little Tax and only work a few hours per week

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After 7 years of preparation, our core group is poised for a rapid expansion.  We have openings for the following:


Trainees Eligible Trainees must have basic applied skills and the desire to learn unique techniques so they can rise quickly to the top of their field.  They will receive a basic bi-weekly payment to work independently under the guidance of masters and will also earn additional bonuses for the successful completion of their projects.  After their brief trial, all Trainees will undertake the obligation to remain loyal to the group for the agreed time period. Freelancers Verifiable experts with specific skills will be contracted and will be receiving payments for the completion – within deadlines – of a predefined set of tasks to be executed according to specifications. Interns In a few cases, some charismatic individuals who cannot demonstrate applied skills for the currently advertised positions, may still be considered as Interns.  Our team invests a lot of resources to train the interns and will only accept those who are quick learners and manage their time well so they can become independently productive within a few weeks.  During the brief Internship period, participants do not receive or make any payments. Affiliates Successful Professionals currently working in complimentary industries, are eligible Affiliates and will receive exclusive training, insider information, finders’ fees and commissions for their development of suitable candidates that will be accepted into our organization. Partners Individuals who are stakeholders willing to contribute their resources and make long term commitments to the growth of the enterprise, will become partners who are eligible for capital gains and profit sharing. Jobs Individuals with specific skills, experience and licensing (when necessary) will receive their compensation to perform the advertised tasks in their region in full compliance with the local laws and licensing requirements. Our ideal candidates will contribute to the growth of our network by assisting with the training and personal development of our affiliates, trainees and interns. Learn How to Make Money Online Individuals with specific experience in some industry not related to marketing or finance, could form alliances with our group, receive training and assistance in the development of a market niche in their field of expertise. This is the most secure and certain method to learn how to make money online. Goods or Services Providers Our group forms trade agreements with top rated providers who come to the table with high value products or services in exchange for financing, marketing, asset protection and tax shelters. Investors Individuals who are interested in protecting some of their holdings in real estate, stock market or cash deposits will find comfort in participating with low risk and high revenue generating investments. Such investments herald the beginning of our new economy that allows each participant to have full control, transparency in his own transactions and still be protected from hackers and other predators by military grade encryption that affords a new type of privacy enshrined in the trust-less protection mechanisms of decentralized BlockChain technologies.

We are currently filling the following …


Law Services Client Management Trainee, who:
      • responding to incoming inquiries from new clients;
      • generating repeat business from existing clients;
      • responding to potential clients who are commenting in our social media accounts;
Financial Tech and Marketing Systems Patent Law Trainee:
      • AI Patent Research Methods;
      • Effective Patent development;
      • Strategically selected Patent filing Jurisdictions;
      • Profitable Patent Marketing;
      • Thorough Patent Surveillance;
      • Vigilant Enforcement of Patent Rights;
Talented Designers and Trainees, who:
      • will be responsible for creating data driven infographics, striking images for instagram, videos, articles and sections of the site;
      • should be familiar with Adobe Photoshop or related software;
      • would like to make money on line by collaborating with other Affiliates;
      • Intermediate English is preferable.
Videographers and Trainees, who:
      • will be responsible for the creation of various type of videos, conduct live interviews, gather images and produce whiteboard training videos;
      • should be familiar with the process of creating, streaming and uploading videos;
      • should be familiar with YouTube promotions and videos playlist management;
      • would like to make money on line by collaborating with other Affiliates;
      • Intermediate English is preferable.
Social media engagement trainee, who:
      • will manage likes, make comments and curate brief blogs;
      • will generate social media engagement in collaboration with our affiliates;
      • would like to make money on line by collaborating with other Affiliates;
      • Intermediate English is preferable.
Research Trainees, International Lawyers, Tax Accountants, Investment, Banking and Payment Processing Specialists, who:
      • will work in the field of international law, tax treaties, economics Investment Analysis, FinTech, RegTech and payment processing;
      • have the skills to develop a circle of competent super affiliates;
      • have analytical mind and pays attention to detail;
      • Advanced English preferable.
Web Developers and trainees, who:
      • have good web development skills with Word Press or Drupal;
      • have some experience with affiliate networks;
      • have some on-page optimization and SEO skills;
      • would like to make money on line by collaborating with other Affiliates;
      • Basic English is preferable.
Blockchain software developers and trainees, who:
    • understands the Ethereum platform and blockchain applications;
    • have been studying Bitcoin and exerimented with Blockchain tools and  the development basic smart contacts;
    • would like to make money on line by collaborating with other Affiliates;
    • knows English at a basic level.