How to Collaborate and Flood your Community with Abundance


As we enter the Age of Aquarius, old technologies have finally been revealed and placed at the disposal of a millennial generation that was born with upgraded DNA Structures.  Abundance and economic output will grow at exponential rates and will reach unimaginable levels of success.  Inevitably, competition will become fierce since we have near perfect communications and easy transportation options to and from anywhere in the world.  In economic systems where the “Winner takes All”, only few will share the abundance.  Because we are all interconnectedour happiness, peace and harmony inevitably depends on helping others.  Therefore, it is vital to empower as many willing individuals as possible so they may qualify for admission into the select groups of Winners.

We’ll begin by stipulating that financial success still depends on the same 4 Basic Business Principles

High Sales
Low Expenses
Outstanding Quality
Trustworthy Management

The EasyYES Network provides Collaboration Systems of
Marketing to Maximize Sales
and of
Administration to Minimize Expenses

To complete the Loop of Success, we are recruiting talented Local Partners to provide Outstanding Quality Goods and Services.  Local Partners will work with experienced, local, trustworthy managers who will ensure the Consistency, Competitiveness and Continuous Growth of the community and the well being of all its members.  The top local partners from all jurisdictions will partake in the activities of the International EasyYES Council that offers R&D for the growth of all local partners.

There can only be ONE who is “The BEST” in their category.  The BEST will be selected to become Partners and the local BOS$ in their niche.  Nevertheless, during the process of transforming our communities into abundance, every willing participant should be led into becoming their own boss who – at the very least – will become free from the slavery of working with the singular objective to be paying bills while keeping silent to avoid the wrath of the religious, social, political and financial ruling elites.


The Members of the EasyYES Network may be:

  1. –  B2C (Local Retailers of Products and Services Providers)
  2. –  B2B (Local Commercial Suppliers of Goods and Services Providers)
  3. –  Affiliates (Local Connoisseurs and hobbyists earning online income because they enjoy and have developed discrimination and appreciation of subtleties while understanding the details, techniques and principles of making or selling a product, providing a service or creating art)
  4. –  Sovereigns (Elite EasyYES Users who are qualified by their own ratings and empowered by training on our locally implemented personal networking systems to act as fair and competent judges that are offering their reviews to potential users as well as their constructive criticism and recommendations for their favorite local providers to become the local BOS$ in their niche)
  5. Bloggers (Innocent bystanders with a cell, reporters, impartial professional journalists, investigators, ombudsmen, DJs, scientists, philosophers, astrologers, psychics, gurus, photographers, videographers and any other artists or experts who may showcase their talent, inform their followers and develop their own groups thus earning social recognition, prestige and income)
  6.  – Registered Users (too busy to get involved but would like to make the occasional review or comment and receive unadvertised offers and the weekly, monthly or yearly updates of the top highlights)
  7. Partners (described above)
  8. International EasyYES Council Masters (described above)
    or any combination of the above categories.

Licensed Partners of the International EasyYES Council are offering 4 Clusters of Services



Listing by Area & Description
Listing in Website
Presence Listing
Sales Development
Social Media Managment
Sales Growth Membership
Featured Listing
Web Page
Monthly Video
SEO Analytics
Sales Development, Analytics & Social Media Management
Premium Listing
Full Web Page
Weekly Video
SEO Analytics
Social Engagement




 I. Admission Scouts must have an outgoing personality, basic computer skills, a smart phone and the immediate need to generate above average income that is always based on results.  The Admission Scouts will receive training in prospecting, social media marketing, offline and online lead generation.  Some experience with personal use of Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram will be preferred for presenting our Network and explaining the reasons for the free Directory listings.  They will also be coached on the sales presentation of the basic listings and the Digital Network registrations.

 II.  Business Developers are experienced business people with a clear understanding that the success of any business is based on sales, quality products and services under a consistently efficient management.  To be eligible for our intensive, on the job training program, they must have sales or management background.  Highly-motivated Admission Scouts who have demonstrated effective lead generation skills will be promoted to the position of Business Developer.  We will, finally, consider individuals who, in the past, have been successful business owners.   Our Business Developers must have an outgoing personality, good recordkeeping practices, communication expertise and sufficient computer skills to conduct independent research.


All participants must be team players with the innate desire to succeed by contributing to the success of others.  The EasyYES Network does not follow the usual rules and practices of ‘normal’ businesses.  We don’t impose the same arbitrary rules and limitations on our participants.  Careful study of our blogs will help the potential candidates to understand the EasyYES Network Mission, Processes and Methods of Operation.  Compensation packages depend on Verifiable Past Experience and On-the-Job Performance.

The responsibility of the Admission Scouts is to find suitable Retailers and Commercial Suppliers who could be eligible for our Membership.  All our Members will receive free listings in our Directory and the training to get involved with our Digital Network.  We will offer our Marketing and Administration services to those Members that demonstrate the potential of becoming our Partners and the local BOS$ in their niche.

Business Developers must have a clear understanding that everyone’s income is based on financial results.  With that in mind comes a strong commitment to persistently develop the businesses of their Sales Growth Members till they become the local BOS$ in their niche.  Sales Growth Members can only be admitted if they demonstrate the potential to become the local BOS$ in their niche.  Depending on the type of niche and the size of their market, they will be considered for partnership and receive our International Enterprise Solutions.

Ineligible Sales Growth Members should not be recruited just because they are willing to pay their Marketing and Administration Membership fee.  They have the option of staying with their “Presence Membership” or apply for registration with our Services of “Sales Development, Analytics & Social Media Management”.

In liaising with their Sales Growth Members, the Business Developers will receive the continuous support from our International EasyYES Council Masters who are the top international specialists in the areas of Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and Hi-Tech Administration.

During 2017, our Sales Growth Membership Network is focused on the following 5 Industries:

Food & Nutrition
Health, Beauty & Fitness
Logistics, Trading & Finance
Entertainment & Education
Tourism & Accommodations

A Combination of all the above