Diversify with a Second Residence Passport or Citizenship

The Americas


Panama is strategically located in the middle of the Americas connecting the aging, affluent economies of the North with the young and restless economies of Central and South America. Panama is a tax heaven, hosts the second largest port in the world and has a good infrastructure for online international businesses  

Europe, Africa, CIS & the Middle East


With the right Network that has insider information, this part of the world offers the most opportunities to make spectacular success stories. Everyone may follow our blogs and keep abreast of the important developments that go unnoticed by the mainstream. Qualified individuals benefit from joining our Inner Circle and helping many businesspeople worldwide. Join our Network to collaborate and expand rapidly without the risks of trying to do it alone.

Hong Kong & Australasia


For decades Hong Kong has been the center of business for Australasia. With so many emerging and mature economies, everything is possible in this exciting part of the globe.