Forge Eternity for Entrepreneurs in Need of ROIs with Eternal Dividends

We all agree that we only occupy our physical body temporarily. But few conceive our potential to contribute in venues that could change the world for ever. There is no fear of a rainy day when we become a rain storm of abundance for all those merely surviving in a financial dessert while working in one of our business projects.

Nick came from a good middle class family that owned a restaurant and lived a comfortable family life with a lot of love and respect for one another. From the age of 4 Nick had shown his extraordinary ability to manipulate numbers. He became a mathematical genius and eventually rose to the level of earning 60% per month trading with the biggest financial institutions in the world, his bank guarantees of a minimum face value 100 million Euro. Before he reached the age of 50 Nick passed away from a heart failure. Ten years later, his children – now adults – still don’t speak to each other while waiting for the courts to decide who gets the Estate in Côte d’Azur among other similar financial matters. Nick’s mentor and idol was Aristotle Onassis. We can’t help noticing the similarities in the fate of their children and think “be careful of what you wish”.

Is it possible that unconditional love and sharing are actually more effective for a heart condition than Beta-blockers?

As we reach the ultimate stage of self actualization, many of us start asking questions about “How big is big enough”, “how much is sufficient”, “how many years is permanent”, “is there an intrinsic value to helping others”, “are there good lawyers in the after life” (or they’ve all gone to purgatory) and other such deep questions.

Latest advances in science resulted in astounding results giving answers to age long questions. Scientists have been measuring states of consciousness and neuroscientists examine the functioning of even the most intimate regions of the brain and can prescribe a step by step approach to redirect us to higher levels of consciousness. Dr. Lipton is even teaching us how to change our genes by changing our thinking.

As successful investors, we are observing our investments as they are becoming more unpredictable than a game of roulette. Our planet is on autopilot to destruction. Science has progressed to the point that the Google group is researching immortality.  As human beings are being annihilated on the surface of our planet, would we find ourselves sitting in our stylish underground refuge pad slurping on a glass of our cherished Krug Clos d’Ambonnay, year 1998? Would we want to live another 100 years like that? Is it worth being part of the 1%?

Maybe we could take a break from watching 8 36” high def monitors illustrating world currencies go up in down and take a walk in the country side of Latin America or South East Asia. We’ll see farmers creating fresh fruit and vegetables, raising chickens and cattle and are respecting the trees that allow us to breath. Could we throw a couple of bucks their way and show respect to a new way of living where sharing could become a way of life. Many innovating investors are already doing just that. They are making secure stable investments because we can actually be nourished physically by the product while exploring other avenues for emotional nourishment by the new approach.

It’s becoming obvious that there are no other logical options. The international trend shows support towards local, globally interconnected communities that have the means to escape the control of oligopolistic cartels using a smart phone as their primary weapon. Digital Marketers can recognize that – short of a nuclear war – the new Google algorithm makes the final manifestation of this trend inevitable.

If you are bored with your Hyatt overdose and start getting the picture, we can go on a tour to new worlds of nourishment, true innovation and investment development opportunities that are awaiting for you to create.