Let’s Talk Bitcoin

Since the beginning of 2017, Governments, Financial Institutions, Businesses and well informed individuals are examining the effect of BlockChain Technologies, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies on Industries such as:

Almost all Industries are impacted by changes that are creating huge opportunities for Entrepreneurs and other Professionals.  The Blochchain technology minimizes risks and solves the trust issues that usually create problems with partnerships and cooperatives.  Using the Bitcoin and related Blockchain technologies any group of two or more individuals can collaborate and participate in businesses even if they don’t have a Bank accounts or Capital.  

In case you are interested in advancing your career with free training in Blockchain opportunities, you may be interested in attending this Free Networking Event:

We are organizing an informal public service Bitcoin event that will take place next Wednesday August 22 at Hyatt Place Hotel anytime between 7pm and 11pm.

The objective is to have people talk to each other in small groups and find ways to help Venezuela get out of this predicament by making financial transactions with Bitcoin and other cryprocurrencies.

This strategy will also help Panamanians and expat residents to benefit by engaging in the blochchain opportunities that are opening up at an exponential rate. If interested, you can bring your friends and associates. The new economy is based on collaboration to help small groups become ‘Too BIG to Fail’


During this event, small groups will discuss everything related to Bitcoin and Blockchain Technologies.

The discussion will be about:

The “Let’s Talk Bitcoin” event will be Promoted internationally as part of a Campaign to create the infrastructure for Panama to become the Silicon Valley of Latin America.

We encourage local Panamanians and Expats to organize related group meetings in these cities and towns:

We will be pleased to send our experts – at no cost – to attend the meetings and provide help for the locals to self-organize and participate in the many opportunities that are offered in the Blockchain related Industries.

If you have an email address, it will only take a few minutes to get started with your own Bitcoin Wallet. Visit https://easyyes.com/get-a-bitcoin-wallet  and come to the “Let’s Talk Bitcoin” event with your own wallet to be prepared to test the system and learn how to start trading Bitcoin for cash and vice versa.

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