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Selected group members will join a Fast-Paced Marketing and TV Broadcast Network after 2-week trial.

No willing participants will be left behind.  Everyone is invited to learn and qualify for later admission.


  • Bussiness owners
  • Sales Representatives for Real estate, insurance, accountant, lawyer and any other field.
  • Hotel and tourism employees, taxis/Uber drivers to become live commercials
  • Happy clients earning discount with referrals

Full Time, Part Time, freelance and training positions available. Must be at least 15 years old and demonstrate innate talent. Actors and models could be any age.

Compensation packages depend on ability and past experience

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Five years ago, our group organized Youtube Metups in Los Angeles and became an overnight success.

As of today, the LA Meetups are still carrying on with their operations

Panama is quickly becoming the Silicon Valley of Latin America. Our hyper-tech meetups are creating a Video Broadcast Network that is based on Collaboration of talent that wants to make money on line.

MU 1: How to Collaborate and Make Money Online.

MU 2: How Youngsters and Students Can Make Money part time with Youtube?

MU 3: How to make money with bitcoin?

MU 4: 48 Reasons why Panama is the best country for  business.