How to Learn, Earn and fave fun helping the best businesses in their community


The Liaison representatives are the professionals who find and recommend potential Members for Admission into our Network.  Individuals who are approaching us directly with their membership inquiries, will be matched with a suitable Liaison Rep to assist them in becoming an eligible Member. Once admitted as Members, the Liaison Rep with mentor their recruits into gaining financial success in their geographic area and type of business.  The Members collaborate with their designated Liaison Rep to access our services and receive support from our inner core of specialists.

All Liaison representatives are team players with the innate desire to succeed by contributing to the success of others.  The EasyYES Network does not follow the usual rules and practices of ‘normal’ businesses.  We don’t impose the same arbitrary rules and limitations on any of our associates.  Careful study of our blogs will help the potential candidates understand the differences in the EasyYES Network Mission, Processes and Methods of Operation.  The compensation packages of our associates primarily depend on their contribution to the financial performance of their Members.

Depending on the Membership program, the Liaison Rep may be a Business Developer or an Admissions Scout.

   I.  Admissions Scouts must have enthusiasm, a burning desire to be their own boss, an outgoing personality, basic computer skills, a smart phone and the immediate need to generate above average income that is always based on the measurable results that are delivered to their Members.  The Admissions Scouts receive their training in scouting, qualifying eligible Members, Social Media Marketing, offline and online lead generation.  Some experience with personal use of Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram will be preferred for presenting our Network, explaining our admission requirements and the function of the Digital Network registrations.

The responsibility of the Admissions Scouts is to find suitable Retailers and Commercial Suppliers who could become eligible for our Membership.  All our Members will receive free listings in our Directory and the training to get involved with our Digital Network.  We will offer our Marketing and Administration services to those Members that demonstrate the potential to become our Partners and establish their businesses as the market leaders in their niche.
 II.  Business Developers are experienced entrepreneurs and managers with a clear understanding that the success of any business is based on sales, quality products and services provided under the auspices of a consistently efficient management team.  To be eligible for our intensive, on the job training program, the candidates must have an extensive and verifiable sales, marketing and management background.  Our highly motivated Admissions Scouts, who have demonstrated effective lead generation skills, will be promoted to the position of Business Developer after the successful completion of their rigorous training.  We are also considering individuals who, in the past, have been successful business owners.

Business Developers must make a strong commitment to persistently develop the businesses of their Sales Growth Members till they become our Partners and establish their businesses as the market leaders in their niche.  They understand that Sales Growth Members can only be admitted if they demonstrate the potential to become partners.  Depending on the type of niche and the size of their market, they will be considered for partnership and will receive our International Enterprise Solutions.  It is clear that ineligible Sales Growth Members should not be recruited even if they are willing to pay for the Marketing and Administration Membership fees.  However, all willing participants have the option of staying with their “Presence Membership” or they may apply for registration into our “Sales Development, Analytics & Social Media Management” program.

In liaising with their Sales Growth Members, the Business Developers receive the continuous support from our International EasyYES Council Masters who are the top international specialists in the areas of Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and Hi-Tech Administration.