The Members of the EasyYES Network may be:

 1.  – B2C
Established, Local Retailers of Products and/or Providers of Services.
 2.  – B2B
Established, Local Commercial Suppliers of Goods and/or Providers of Services.
3.  – Affiliates
Local Connoisseurs and hobbyists earning online/offline income because they enjoy and have developed discrimination and appreciation of subtleties while understanding the details, techniques and principles of making or selling a product, providing a service or creating art pieces.
 4.  – Sovereigns
Elite EasyYES Users who are qualified by their own ratings and empowered by training on our locally implemented personal networking systems to act as fair and competent judges that are offering their reviews to potential users as well as their constructive criticism and recommendations to collaborate with their favorite Members, help them become our Partners and establish their businesses as the market leaders in their niche.
 5. – Bloggers
Could range from “innocent bystanders with a cell”, experienced reporters, talented writers, impartial professional journalists, investigators, ombudsmen, DJs, scientists, philosophers, astrologers, psychics, gurus, photographers, videographers and any other artists or experts who may showcase their talent, inform their followers and develop their own groups thus earning social recognition, prestige and income