From Rags to Riches – Case Study of a Liason Rep


Clara was enslaved into a 9 to 5 meaningless job doing more harm than good to herself and her community. She had given up on any hope for a better future.  Her teenage Dream of being her own boss had faded into in an unrealistic expectation without any hope to materialize.  Overworked, underpaid and deeply in debt, she was surrounded by friends and family members that were in the same or even worse predicaments.  Every year she could cover fewer necessities with her pay.  She lived in constant fear of losing her job because she could see her friends and colleagues losing their jobs.

Stressed Woman Working In Office



She came across the EasyYES Blogs and became inspired by the vision of a new community where everyone is his own boss and collaborates instead of competing.  In the beginning, it seemed to her like a fiction novel but as she researched deeply, she verified that all the claims were based on facts.  She started believing the vision of such a community and gained some confidence on her ability to change her life.



Her problem was that she was living from pay-check to pay-check and the risk of losing her job would have severe consequences, disrupt her life threaten the well-being of her two children.  She discussed it with her family and they all came to the conclusion that it was unwise for her to be taking such risks.



Soon her opportunity came in the form of bad news.  The construction company where she was employed was finishing off their current project.  Financing to continue with the next project was delayed – probably cancelled because of the drop in Real Estate sales.  She was on the list to be laid off within a couple of weeks.

Boss dismissing an employee. Dejected fired office worker carrying a box full of belongings.



Clara had a few prospects for a new job and a bleak economic future for herself, her friends and family.  Given the pessimistic economic outlook of her country, she had no other choice but to take a leap of faith. It seemed to be a crazy notion to try and create abundance by going against all the belief systems of her culture. Out of desperation Clara commissioned all her enthusiasm and came to us with the determination to do all that was humanly possible in order to meet her goals.  She thoroughly studied the EasyYES website and verified all the facts with her own independent research. Then she came for an interview like a well prepared professional who was ready to succeed. We gave her a chance to start as the first Liaison Rep during test Marketing phase of our Top Rated Only Directory.



With her many interests, she made a commitment to start her career as a Liason Rep but also excel in all of our related membership areas that applied to her personal interests, talent and inclinations. As a fitness buff and a talented Zumba dancer, she had over 400 Facebook followers, was well connected with the local entertainment scene and knew the details of dance scene, hot clubs, up and coming artists and scheduled entertainment events.


As a Liason Rep, Clara had a pretty good idea of who was eligible for Membership in the areas of her hobbies and interests. In close collaboration with her EasyYES Mentor and the specialized training staff, she made a plan to check the current promotional activities, and prepare individualized presentations for her qualified prospects.  She emailed and called to coordinate appointments with the decision makers in preparation for her presentations.

She learned all the details of the Presence and Sales Growth Memberships that were her main focus for the initial presentation.

She also marked down the highlights of the “Sales Development, Analytics & Social Media Management” program.

Finally, she became aware of the extended capabilities of the International EasyYES Network as it relates to the areas of Finance, Human Resource Management and Hi-Tech Administration.

She prepared to explore additional income generating opportunities with her Membership involvement:

As an Affiliate, she obtained an EasyYES Sales Growth Membership for FREE. She will use it to advertise her bi-weekly Zumba classes in Collaboration with a local Restaurant that has a large Patio.  Through the promotion of her own venue, she gains continuous hands-on experience in helping the Members that she recruits to create their own Marketing strategies and become as successful as her.

As a Sovereign User she wrote comprehensive and accurate reviews for various related businesses and artists.  She then networked with her friends, relatives, followers and all her social contacts to rate her reviews and make posts about them in their own social media accounts and whatsapp groups.

As a Blogger she collaborated with a friend who had a mic and lighting gear and started visiting hot clubs and entertainment events to provide live streaming and coverage that is being posted in her Blog at and also does simultaneous guest blogging in the Facebook of the clubs, radio stations and other entertainment portals.


In a culture dominated by fear mongering and artificial scarcity, we must rethink our fundamental philosophy and mold new attitudes that will accept abundance.  The vision of a specific plan is mandatory before taking action and wasting energy by spinning our wheels in all different directions.   When a plan supports our life’s purpose, it becomes meaningful and it is infused with the positive emotions of enthusiasm, love and the commitment to success.  While fear paralyzes, faith nurtures the discipline to overcome all obstacles.  

As soon as people lose their jobs or businesses, they are instinctively overcome by fear and inevitably turn their focus to the immediate needs of how to salvage some sort of a restricted lifestyle so they don’t get kicked out of their homes, run out of money to feed their children and keep them at school so they can look for another job. These only a few from a long list of negative thoughts. It is commonly accepted that whatever you focus on in life grows.   So, if we focus on the inability to pay our bills, this will end up manifesting as our future reality.

Clara had the good fortune to be accepted into the EasyYES Network and find optimism regardless of the pessimistic outlook of most people.  Individuals participating in our network are talented professionals who know how to collaborate and generate abundance for their community.  This sentiment of optimism became contagious as they hand-held Clara to pave her path to a guaranteed success story.

The world is a stage, and all the men and women are merely players

William Shakespeare

Some claim that Shakespeare was a failing actor and a lecherous drunk who was merely used by Lord Byron to put someone else’s name on controversial writings that could have harmed the Baron’s reputation during an era when women weren’t even allowed to be actresses.

Regardless of the above dubious claim, the philosophy of EasyYES is that, during our lifetime, we are actors who can learn how to write our own scenarios, expressing our innermost desires and exercising our God given right to fulfil the purpose of our life.

With all this in mind, Clara’s mentor led her to reveal to herself what she wanted out of her life.   Oddly, up until now she had never taken the time to think about molding her own future because she was led to believe that she didn’t have the means to fulfil her dreams.

Yet her life-time dream was simple:
She just wanted to be the boss of her own business, keep fit, have fun teaching her Zumba classes, take care of her family and help others be happy.  This noble dream is shared by billions of others all over the world who will soon learn to collaborate and prove wrong all the comedians who call themselves leaders and try to tell us what we can or can’t do.


Successful individuals will never start planning by focusing on their weak points, unsuccessful past history or what they don’t have.  Instead they begin by listing their assets.  Clara’s assets were her warm and friendly personality, a lot of contacts that believe in her, some experience managing her social media accounts, she is fit, can dance up a storm, has good work habits, wants to help others, is honest, determined to succeed and has a pressing need to generate income immediately.  In short, she has everything needed to succeed as soon as EasyYES gives her the means and training to do it.

Our training team helped her discover motivation techniques, podcasts and blogs to increase her focus and impact deep and permanent changes during her transformation into an abundance builder.



She started with her mentor planning the management of her time.  She decided to devote the first 60 to 90 days of starting her new business by investing a total of 84 hours per week.

She marked on her planner which days and times she will devote 36 hours and make offline face-to-face sales.

She scheduled 24 hours to scout, prospect and make offline sales.  During this time block she also notified her personal contacts about her business, asked for their support and directed them on how to give likes and repost her posts on the EasyYES Facebook and Instagram accounts.

She allotted the remaining 24 hours to research, study and acquire skills that would propel her business to her desired monthly income of $2,400.

Our training team helped her discover time management techniques, software, podcasts and blogs to increase her organization skills so she can accomplish more in less time.



Most people overlook what is often their most important asset.  It is generally accepted that “it’s who you know and not what you know”.  Yet, when it comes to advancing personal or business objectives, very few manage their networks efficiently.  Successful entrepreneurs have always considered Networking to be one of their most valuable tools.  With the advent of social media, networking has become the foundation of every successful individual or enterprise.

The Art of Networking must be practiced with care and caution or it will backfire whenever it is abused.  You can’t pester your contacts and present them with untested products or business ideas because you need to make a commission.  A productive network must be cultivated from the viewpoint of what you can offer rather than what you can take.   Network development requires individual attention and an understanding of each contacts’ needs.  Then you can present them with reliable solutions that are interesting to them.  In many cases, it will be their pleasure to give you an opinion or a reference to someone else who needs what you have to offer.  In almost all cases, social media contacts will give you likes and re-posts for images and ideas that are interesting.  “Likes” and “re-posts” are the new currency that has the potential to make venues go viral.



Wealthy individuals and successful salespeople, understand that cash flow is the result of consistently applying the same methods that have been proven effective.   Research has proven repeatedly that the subconscious is capable of manifesting a continuous flow of income when it is correctly programed with the abundance generating habits being placed on auto pilot.  The subconscious doesn’t understand generalities like “I want to make a lot of money” but it responds well to specific numbers and time periods.

Clara collaborated with her financial mentor and worked out a specific weekly budget specifying the total number of contacts that were needed to produce sales results and follow-ups that would lead to the achievement of her desired monthly income goal of $2,400. to be reached within her first 12 weeks with EasyYES.  With such specific information, her subconscious – stimulated by daily motivation exercises – set in motion the circumstances that doubled her new income from her previous salary.


The above Case Study does not specifically apply to Clara’s circumstances.  Anyone who believes in the mission of the EasyYES network, can replace with their own the yellow highlighted information that relates to Clara.  Then, they can proceed by writing their own script and perform in their Theater of Life.