Spread Health for Small Businesses

Many are worried about spreading diseases. We are focused on spreading healthy solutions for team building, business operations, international marketing and finance. Our products and services redefine viral to mean extreme success in finding new ways to pull all the stops and give everyone an EasyYES to requests that would satisfy their innermost desires.

After an onerous audit with a severe outcome, Yuri came to us with the firm decision to make sure that he is better prepared next time. In the beginning, he couldn’t see how he could expand the sales of his prosperous bakery and bring them to an international level. Through collaboration with expats and international finance professionals, he was able to discover countries where his specialty bread was in great demand without any competition. In less than a year, his sales doubled and his taxable income was reduced substantially. He now has more net profit to reinvest an expand his business rapidly by licensing his franchisees and supplying them with his specialty flours. He has become much more wealthy and well diversified to avoid any severe economic downturns in his country of residence.

If you believe that whatever we focus on grows it’s no brainier that an obsession with spreading healthy solutions not only for our own well being but for all that’s interconnected. We depend on our family, friends, neighbors, business, clients, employees, suppliers, bankers, governments, societies and the entire ecosystem of our universe. In turn, they depend on us.

While you spend your time counting your paperclips to hoard a few more dollars, you don’t even realize that you could be bombarded by international opportunities to multiply what you already have and generate millions in international markets. Many people around you are doing just that. You should know that your governments have already earmarked all your hoardings because you are obligated to give them detailed yearly updates. You see the trend in politics and realize that if you stay in their own back yard, they’ll soon pass new laws and find new ways to take your holdings to pay their own runaway debts. So at the end it’s inevitable that you’ll have wasted your time hoarding and have missed your opportunities too. You should know that “even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there”.

We live in an era of opportunity that no other generation in recent history could even dream of having. You have absolutely no reason to believe that if you keep on doing what worked 10 years ago will work today. You have to come out of your comfort zone and take advantage of all that’s available to you for generating great success and wealth. Be bold and move forward fast. We haven’t caught on with the new millennium if we stop to ask: What if I fail?

The new thinking is best expressed by the founder of LinkedIn when he said that “if you’re not embarrassed by your first launch, you’ve launched too late”. In today’s environment it’s a given that we will fail because we should never wait to rush forward till we’ve got it all perfectly figured out. The only certainty is that we will never figure it all out because it’s changing quicker that we can think. So we have to be prepared to fail and fail many times. The only real solution is to get back up quickly and keep on moving forward without clipping our wings by focusing on the failures.

What if, with all these failures, we end up depleting all our resources? Collaboration is the key to success in the new millennium. And we have so many tools and systems for successful collaboration that there is no reason to hold us back from fully embracing it. We pool our talents and resources and collaborate to pick each other up no matter how many times we fall. When we collaborate, think big and stay resilient, great achievements are inevitable.

Any good accountant will tell us that the tax code has been designed to favor expansion. It’s also been proven that our Universe is ever expanding.

Shouldn’t we all together be expanding too?