These guys know how to structure smarter deals simply and create better contracts than my top lawyers. They are also quicker and have more flexibility.

Nick, - Always address independent but now more than ever

I will be totally honest with you. I thought that you were crazy to even propose that that I can expand to international markets. At that time, I was working 7 days a week and 14 hours each day to run one bakery. I liked your philosophy, and I am glad that I trusted you because everything fell into place like a miracle. What I never thought was possible became so easy that that I can't believe I didn't see it on my own.

Yuri, - Germany

"Cash Flow Agriculture & Aquaculture." It feels like we started living when we reached retirement. I would have never imagined that anybody could enjoy work as much a I do now. I can't wait to jump out of bed. Everyday I feel like when I was a 25 year old the week that I had just started my first job. In our small aquaculture farm we grow fruit, vegetables, herbs and trout. We also raise chickens and goats. We sell our products to the exclusive restaurants in the nearby large city and can't produce enough to keep up with their demand. We give work to several people from 10 families in the neighboring village and they in turn support extended families of almost 100 people. No amount of money can buy how this makes us feel. We have never been sick or seen a doctor for almost 8 years now. We think that it's about time that we cancel our medical plan. It all started with a very small amount of money that we had leftover after paying our bills and the kids' student loans from the sale of our house. Our other expat friends chose to go the usual route and are now struggling to make ends meet with their failing investments and ever shrinking dollars. I almost did that too but something pushed me to listen to you and change my plans the last minute and take a plunge. My wife and I will be grateful till our final days, and they don't look like they are coming any time soon.

Frank and Betty, - Alberta, Canada