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Collaborate with the free easyYES platforms to build Propsperous Communities.  Artificial Intelligence solves seven common business problems.

Who Benefits?

7 ways to Benefit and receive Incentives.


Raise Capital – Asset Protection – Legal Defense – Personnel – Marketing – IT Security – Operations

Small businesses can share costs and have the same Big business Management Areas. Collaboration frees time for business owners to concentrate on giving better customer service easyYES.com includes in multi-site cross promotions all the small business websites. Small Businesses earn higher profits by operating in free markets with True Advertising.  In 2024 Businesses expect more Market manipulation and controlled demolition of Global economies.  Most People are looking for ways to protect their assets and their freedom. It is necessary to bypass Currency and Liquidity controls by Banks and Governments.


Why Join?

Join the easyYES Platforms on your terms.

Common Financial Incentives:

How it Works?

To become prosperous, billions of productive people in 300000 Global regions need mentorship.

Hundreds of thousands Industry Specialists spent their life discovering solutions that bring prosperity.

Strategic planning stimulates Local economies towards prosperity and exponential global growth of prosperity.

Many Global regions have Collaborators with strong incentives to stop government overreach.

This is how communities unite to become prosperous with private Investment and Mentorship.


Global Marketing

AI Research tools scour social media in thousands of Local markets. They discover exciting Products, Services and Effective Marketing Campaigns.

Local Collaborators Cross-promote to multiply the effectiveness of their TikTok, Instagram, Telegram and other media of communication.

Global Reach starts with Local Marketing of small businesses developing their reputation. They develop a competitive edge and can collaborate to gain international market share.

Operational Efficiency

Collaborators start achieving economies of scale right from the buying stages.

Local assembly of components and inventory of key replacement parts helps control costs.

Local Service, Guarantees and Just-in-time distribution wins over customers.

easyYES Platforms empower small manufacturers to take back their business from Centralized factories.

Professional Service Partnerships

Small Business Collaborators have confidence to delegate complicated tasks to their professional client-Partners.

Self regulated Community members protect themselves making alliances with local specialists.

Included are Professionals involved in Finance, Law, Healthcare, Engineering and every reputable participant.

P2P Foreign and Local Investment

Collaborators gain access to International Experts in Disruptive innovation technologies.

The easyYES Artificial Intelligence Lobby platforms guide Lawyers to leverage local voting power for the quick procurement of Permits to Operate.

For this reason P2P Investors are eager to take part in the Real Estate Startup Accelerators.

Diversification for Asset Protection

Bitcoin Transactions offer the ultimate in Trust Guarantees.

Tokenized Assets are Refundable at any stage.

Immutable Distributed Ledgers on Transparent Blockchains have Strong end-to-end encryption.

High levels of data Privacy prevent hacking by governments and other criminals.

Zero risk tolerance Investments are possible with Diversification in Decentralized Projects and Locations.

Co-create A Ruling Class that Cares

Trustworthy Local Lawyer-Partners have strong financial incentives to protect from government overreach.

Foreign investors and local voters have vested interests to fight against the government.

Where to Collaborate?

Disruptive Innovation Projects are successfully implemented at various stages of development across the globe.

Collaborators have Options to Diversify by Project and Geographic Location.

The following Projects are still under Development in Beta stages.

Collaborators are invited to participate and provide opinions and comments to become the early adopters that will derive the most benefits.

This limited time opportunity gives a head start to anyone who is willing to take immediate action and claim the best areas before the platforms are released to the general public.

The ABCs of Making Money with your Free Bitcoin Wallet

Foreign Investors are looking for local Affiliates:
A. Install a Bitcoin Wallet in your cell.
B. Collect Local information and Receive Bitcoin to Sell, Spend or Save to build Capital for your own business to present in your social media.
C. Post Free Ads

The Free Local Classified Listing is your Gateway to Succeed Globally

Advertise events, businesses and opportunities in your community. Cross-promote globally and collaborate to attract tourism and foreign micro-investors to your area. Post their CVs, Link TikTok and Instagram accounts.

100x ROI Real Estate Anchored Startup Accelerators

Micro loans are available for productive people to start their own businesses. Skills, Reliability and Collaboration are three Requirements to work with the EasyYES Platforms Invest at least $3 and no more than $240,000 and access the same technologies to make money like Billionaires do. Real Estate Startup Accelerators are the secret of Venture Capitalists getting 100% ROIs The Visionaries who created Panama’s first Real Estate P2P Portal are making a comeback. In 2004 their marketing campaign doubled Panama’s National income

Get ready for 2024 when the whole world is looking for a gateway to financial independence

AI matches Sellers with Buyers to reduce costs and risks

Smart Entrepreneurs make easy Profits with Guaranteed Sales before they Buy. With No Money down, businesses and individuals can Collaborate and make low volume Import-Export transactions like experienced experts.

Is Owner Operated by Autonomous Local Lawyers

Decentralized Boutique Legal Services, backed by International Specialists, are Leading Wise Wolf Packs Offshore.


Collaborate with Lawyers using the Carrot-and-Stick Approach

Collaborate with local Lawyers that know how to use the Carrot-and-Stick Approach to Motivate Bureaucrats. Post their CVs, LinkedIn, TikTok and Instagram accounts.

Advertise events, businesses and opportunities in your community. Cross-promote globally and collaborate to attract tourism and foreign micro-investors to your area.

Stack the odds in your favor with the same strategies as the Ruling Class that pay to control officials and save money on their taxes.

Predictive Analytics based on Mythology

Proven more Real than discredited History. 

How the Mayan Science of the Pleiadians predicted the exact timing of Singularity on December 21st 2012.

Publish Local Opportunities

Publish Local Opportunities.

Cross-Promote to go Viral Globally.

Discover that
Truth wins against the likes of ABCs , CNNs, MSNBCs and the other Centralized FOXs that propagate Fake News and Lies.

Humanity will never Prosper when so may people are left behind

Productive individuals and Talented students find world renowned Mentors specializing in Disruptive Innovation fields. The result is the development prosperous communities spreading out globally at exponential rates.


Players Win Profits that they spend in the Real World

Real Life games are more fun with Profits that the players spend to manifest their dreams with Disruptive Innovation Projects that benefit the world.

Students from all Nations unite to build the Bridges of Global Prosperity

Knowledge is changing so fast that Universities are turning into Networking hubs. Decentralized Universities are Owned and operated by the students and as part of 100xROI Startup Accelerators Profits Adding Hands-on Experience and Collaboration.

No holds barred when Decentralized Healthcare becomes Precise and Affordable

The New Medicine is Decentralized, Risk Free and often based on Precise Morphogenesis with Alternative Healthcare Protocols.

100x ROI Disruptive Innovation Startup Accelerators

Robotics is the Future of Work

When Productive individuals Collaborate, they benefit in two ways. They use Robotics to save costs, multiply productivity and eliminate errors. They Sell to the other collaborators of the Startup Accelerator.

Precise Medicine with Stem Cell Therapies and Gene Editing

The rapid advancements in stem cell research and genome editing technologies have generated high expectations that have been available for many years. The potential of regenerative medicine to cure all diseases and expand a vigorous and health lifespan to 150 years is here now. They are blocked by the Medical Establishment that wants to keep the status quo. Many developing Nations with beautiful climates are open to world renowned Licenced professionals willing to visit and serve Medical Tourists and the local population that will keep their government “officials” at bay.

Organic AI Sensor Agriculture

One of the most notable manners in which AI is influencing the trajectory of organic farming is by means of employing precision agriculture techniques.  Through the utilization of AI algorithms to analyze this data, farmers can enhance the efficiency of their operations, thereby diminishing the necessity for chemical inputs and mitigating the ecological repercussions of their farms.

Artisanal Mining

Artisanal and small-scale mining, is an informal economic sector that predominantly benefits the locals, respects the environment and keeps corrupt multinational corporations away. Open-pit mining contaminates the aquifer for years and destroys the environment. The misconception that mining needs heavy investment and provides jobs is based on fake news and propaganda. There are sensors that can detect Rare Earth Minerals deposited at great depth. Simple excavators can move the soil at the exact spot without cutting off entire mountains by using extremely poisonous chemicals. The labor intensive Artisanal Mining Industry will flourish when the local people hold their governments accountable and demand in the courts the punishment of corrupt Politicians and Bureaucrats.

Small Nuclear Reactors

SMR development is moving fast in Europe and North America. However, in Africa and Latin America it will be implemented a lot faster because local governments can be influenced to be more flexible to improve Tourism, Foreign Investment, Farming and local business.

3D Printing with Nanotech Composites

3D printing is a revolutionary technology for the consumer and industrial markets. As the technology for 3D printing has expanded, the need for multi-materials that support fused deposition modeling and other forms of additive manufacturing is increasing. 3D printing filaments infused with carbon nanotubes and graphene are now commercially available, with the promise of producing conductive composites. 


Airships can fly for days and don’t need airports for landing. They can land and access the remote and unexplored corners of the world. Their size allows us to provide large and comfortable cabins, lounges, fine dining areas, and big panoramic windows like no other current means of air travel.

Offshore Energy, Fish Farming and Housing

Rotating Solar Power Units offshore that are combined with Tidal energy and Wind Turbines generate more than enough energy without damaging the ecosystem. Offshore Energy is the beginning of prosperity as it removes heavy metals and contamination from the sea waters for floating beaches and farming. Floating Fish farming with social, economic and environmental values is generating abundant supplies of supply of a large variety of fish. It is more than enough for the Residents of the Startup Accelerators and nearby communities.


Select the level you find interesting to get started with one or more of the platforms.

You can select more than one.
You can select more than one.
You can select more than one.


There are no founders or owners that use the Open Source AI , Disruptive Hi-Tec and BlockChain Technologies. The Open Source solutions are freely available for anyone to use.


Autonomous Collaborators within the easyYES.com Decentralized Ecosystems
will learn how easy it is to let go of Scarcity Consciousness.


With an Abundance state of mind your priorities will effortlessly shift towards helping others succeed.


Any productive contributor is welcomed to receive and give help to those who need it the most.


As the world shifts towards the new reality, the inevitable outcome is prosperous communities

We do not have any beautiful words to convince you. We all have an open heart willing to help you.

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Yes, all our easyYES AI platforms are free and we encourage you to test and try everything!

All you need to use easyYES AI platforms is an internet connection or a mobile phone.  Register for free now!

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