We've been on the internet since it was all characters and DOS commands. We developed our collaboration network through the mid nineties when we finally had color monitors and could even see images. In 1997, at the about the same time as Google registered their name, we registered ours. We didn't do as well as Google. In fact the first version of our collaboration site was such a huge failure that it took a few years to get over it and go for a relaunch. The second launch was successful with all the initial participants building successful businesses that keep on growing up to today. Contact Us


  1. 2nd Citizenship/Passport

    Most developed nations have become welfare states that are unable to service their debts.  They are turning to their middle class and are imposing excessive taxation based on residency. The USA has already extended its grasp to include citizens that aren’t even residents. There are many good solutions for a second residence or passport that could suit everyone’s needs and budget. Find the one solution that is tailor made for you.  Contact Us

  2. Network Affiliates

    We all realize that “it’s not what you know but who you know”.  So we offer opportunities for entrepreneurs all over the world to exchange services, information and assistance with others who are willing to do the same.  Let us know your needs and special skills and you will be invited to enter into our network.  Contact us

  3. Knowledgebase

    It’s OK to listen to the experts but sometimes even they make mistakes or have vested interests that can disorient you from what is really happening on the local streets and market places.  Continue reading the Wall Street Journal and listening to CNN but also register to receive our individualized blogs and get a much needed different perspective from places that aren’t on the radar as of yet. Let us know your needs and interests and we’ll only forward relevant blogs.  Contact us

  4. Agricultural Land

    With inflation, bank failures and government confiscations, the phrase “it’s like money in the bank” doesn’t have the same meaning anymore. Nowadays there is no Risk Free investment. Unless, of course, we are talking about cash flow generating agricultural land bought at below market value prices. Tell us about yourself and we can open the doors to investments that the elite has been making for the last 5 years.  Contact us

  5. Our Benefits

    Of all the reasons to become a client, member of our team or join our network, we have picked the top 8 reasons and give you a summary… Read more